Maher Cissoko is also working as a composer and has composed all the music on his latest album Kora Fo. The previous albums with Sousou  & Maher Cissoko also consists of mostly self composed music. 

He is happy to collaborate and create music in different projects, here are some of his previous work as a composer:

Part of the House of Songs International Songwriting Summit in Austin, Texas 2017

Together with Sousou Cissoko he composed the music for Teater 23's very appreciated play "Pici & Oso". More info and music HERE. 

Together with Andreas Unge he composed parts of the music to the movie "Medan Vi Lever", 
and the documentary "Taxi Sister". 

awards and acknowlegements as a composer

2016 - Swedish Art Grants Commettee
2015 - SKAP - The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors 
Awarded for his excellent work in the services of the popular music field)
2015 - STIM - Swedish Performing Rights Society - Grant
2015 - Manifest Awards - Album of the Year - Africa Moo Baalu
2011 - STIM - Swedish Performing Rights Society - Grant


teater 23 - pici & Oso

medan vi lever

TAxi sisters

Photo: Andreas Unge
Photo: Andreas Unge