"It's time, I've never done a solo album before. I really wanted to make a record with just me and the kora. This is my way to leave a fingerprint and say 'this is me'. A kora is a West African harp-lute with 22 strings. This album is about letting the kora speak and about all those who for centuries passed on the knowledge of the kora. It’s also a way of thanking all the griot families throughout history. They have made me who I am. Kora music is like a tree with many branches and the Cissoko family is one of them. In my lineage of griots, the tradition to sing and play the kora has been passed down from generation to generation for over 700 years. 
The inspiration is everywhere. Songs and melodies can come to me at home, on the street, when I cook food or wash the dishes. Traveling and new encounters and influences also give me a lot of inspiration to compose. My father would say that this is the young generation’s kora playing. With this self composed kora music I want to tell stories and attempt to create my own culture, but with the griot tradition as a foundation. All the traditional songs my father played, I carry with me. I will not forget them, but I also have to let my own musicality come to me. The most important thing for us as griots is the musical poetry and the message of peace.

I hope that this album will be a way for many people to unwind and give our busy brains some peace and harmony." -
Maher Cissoko


ALBUM - Kora Fo - Maher Cissoko

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Maher Cissoko – Kora Fo (AJABU024)
Full lengths album, 56 min, 12 songs.

Music and lyrics composed and performed by: Maher Cissoko
Recorded in Stureparken Studios, Stockholm
Produced by: Andreas Unge 
Released by: Ajabu!


Kora Fo Cap

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Limited edition!
Unique cap designed by Maher Cissoko and layout by Sandy Haessner.

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Svart keps med grå skärm
6000 stygn, vit Kora Fo logo broderad.

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We did it!!!Thank you Lars-Erik Larsson gymnasiet (åk 2), Sofia Söderberg and @palladiummalmo full house audience! ❤️❤️❤️ We had such a great time performing with and for you tonight. You really warmed our hearts and gave us so much energy! Kör + Kora = ❤️ And big thanks to Konstnärsnämnden for the support that helped us making it happen! _ _ _ #kora_choir #kora #world #worldwide #musical #musiclovers #musicstudio #people #choir #choirs #voice #singing #voiceoverpete #casamance #senegal #senegal #sénégal #sweden_images #sweden #selfie #sweden


📸by Jenny Baumgartner #kora #enstrumental #senegal #womensday #world


 Video recorded by: Stefan Erdman.